About Us

In the year 1980, Marcelino Iglesias Estrada at the age of 78, seeking for a new livestock adventure acquires Estancia Lazo, which carries the name of Eleodoro Lazo, a worker from the Lazo section that used to be a part of the Mining Society of Tierra del Fuego. After the death of Don Marcelino, it is his grandson who takes charge of the administration, Jorge Portales Iglesias.

The estancia currently has 13.000 hectares, cattle raising is its main productive activity which is complemented with the touristic services.

Framed in a particular surrounding composed by Sierra del Toro, Lakes Toro and Sarmiento, from which you can enjoy an amazing view of the mountain range Paine with its majestic towers and horns; as we get closer to the entrance it is possible to observe a great deal of native forest as well as Patagonian flora and fauna. Snowdrifts, laguna verde and Macizo pain are also seen from where we are.

This spectacular spot boarders with the Torres del Paine National Park and is 110 kms away from Puerto Natales. It is possible to access through a road of gravel of a specific layout, suitable for any type of vehicle, which is used for 27 kms (30 minutes) from the main road (Route 9 north) between Sierra del Toro and Lago Sarmiento.

We invite you to be a part of a new experience and to know our history.